Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Organizing Challenge Week 7: Organize Your Bill paying

Makes sense that last week was all about organizing your finances and this week is about cleaning up your bill-paying habits.

Bill paying and finances are one of the areas that I need to get the most on the ball, frankly.Because of that, I'm combining this second week of bill paying and taking a little more time on organizing our finances.

I slacked last week and didn't get a lot of things done in regards to finances. (I did start our taxes though!) Actually, pretty much the only thing I got done was ordering my camera because I got it on sale and I'm working enough this week to pay for it.

So I guess I'm on the hook this week for all my to-dos from last week as well as organizing bill paying.

All I want to do for bill paying is set them up to be charged to our Amazon points card. that way they're all paid automatically and I only have one bill to pay each month.

Once that's done, it's back to my finances list:
*check into making 2 mortgage payments a month
*set-up M's deposits
*set up camera account
*look into lowering cable bill
*look into streamlining bill paying
*look into a new bank

We use a credit union as our bank. I love it for a lot of things, but I hate it for a few as well. I hate it for their bill pay service. It's bulky and difficult to use. I can't deposit checks on my phone. First world problem, I know. But it's darned convenient.

*look into USAA insurance - I'm pretty sure I qualify this through my grandfather, and I need to look into it to see if I can lower our insurance costs
*make sure N is maxing his retirement contribution

Anyone else slacking like I am? What do you do for your bill-paying? We pretty much pay all of ours online and we use mint.com to track our finances, though we could be much better about tracking. If you have any tips for sticking to a budget, let me know! 


  1. I pay all of my bills online except for rent. I keep my checkbook balanced on a spreadsheet. I'm paid weekly, so I budget each week's paycheck - first one is credit card, cable, gas, electricity; second is car payment; third is cell phone and car insurance (I only pay it every 6 months but set aside money for it in a savings account every month); fourth is rent. I also have my savings account set up to automatically withdraw money from my checking account every Friday.

  2. We LOVE USAA. Seriously. I didn't know it was possible to love a bank as much as I love them. They handle our savings, checking, mortgage, homeowners and multiple loans. Customer service is top notch. My degree is in finance so this is the one area of home organization that I'm all good. The laundry may be piled up, but our bills, savings, etc is all planned out for the year :)



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