Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Organizing Challenge week 6: Organize Your Finances

This week is scary. Like, crazy scary.

Organizing money?

Like many people, I don't want to talk about money. It's taboo, right?

And I certainly don't want to think about it! I want to pretend I have a disposable income and buy whatever I want.

I can do that, right?



In true procrastinator fashion, I'm going to hold off a bit on the financial organization and recap how I did with week 5, organize your personal information.

My big goal for last week was to get a fireproof box and load it up with all our important paperwork. Well, meet Hank.

I got Hank from amazon for 59.99. He's big enough for a hanging file and has plenty of room for larger things like our external hard drive. Please excuse the iPhone photo. I'm writing this post with a bouncy baby on my lap, and I can only handle the iPhone when that's going on.

So while everyone else was watching the super bowl on Sunday night, I was gathering up papers, hard drives and passports and loading this guy up. I realized that we do not have copies of the kid's birth certificates, so I downloaded, printed, and filled out the forms and N will pick those up at work this week. We need to get them passports anyway for a potential trip coming up, and we'll need the certificates for that. So we need to get them anyway.

So our papers are safe, our personal information is safe and we have a new addition to our family. Hank.

Now. Organizing my financial information. We actually do a pretty good job of this anyway, we use mint.com to track our money and our expenses and it works well. Also, free. Which is doubly good.

One thing I know we need to get done is get an automatic transfer set-up to go into M's CD. We opened an account for her before she was born, but we definitely need to get an automatic deposit set up like we have for her brother. So that is going on my to-do list for this week. Also on my to-do list is to open a savings account for me. To put my substitute teaching pay into. N agreed that any money I make I can use towards a new camera. I have my eye on a nice Canon t3i. My sister-in-law got one and man, am I jealous.

A few other things on my financial to-do list this week:
*check into making 2 mortgage payments a month
*set-up M's deposits
*set up camera account
*look into lowering cable bill
*look into streamlining bill paying
*look into a new bank

We use a credit union as our bank. I love it for a lot of things, but I hate it for a few as well. I hate it for their bill pay service. It's bulky and difficult to use. I can't deposit checks on my phone. First world problem, I know. But it's darned convenient.

*look into USAA insurance - I'm pretty sure I qualify this through my grandfather, and I need to look into it to see if I can lower our insurance costs
*make sure N is maxing his retirement contribution

This week looks scary at first, but when I think about it,  and I made a pretty solid budget and look at our finances when we decided I would stay home, so it's really not that bad.

What do you think? Do you need to take a big look at your finances?

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