Friday, February 28, 2014

Goal Update: house projects!

As a part of my 2014 goals, one of our goals is to do one house project per month. We have an enormous list of projects do to, but they always seem to fall to the wayside in favor of other things. So we're stepping it up this year and getting a bunch of things checked off our list.
We like to ease into things and so our January project was simple. We simply switched our table and our china cabinet. So now the china cabinet lives in the kitchen and our kitchen table is in the actual kitchen.

Once we eased in though, we were IN. Our February project was to shorten our island counter top so that the kitchen table actually fit and could seat our family. So on Superbowl Sunday my mom and I replaced the old laminate counter top with a nice butcher block piece from IKEA. Solid wood and a great color, I love it.

Once I did that, BFF-H suggested painting the backside with chalkboard paint. I just happened to have some of that in my basement from painting some pillars in my classroom last year, so I did it.

My kitchen doesn't allow for great shots of the island, but here's what I could get.

I know it's blurry, but it was taken before I got my new camera. Bottom line is, it's amazing, and my kitchen is SO much more open now. So just imagine away the blur and love it like I do. 

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