Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Obligatory "new year, new me" post.

I wish there was some other catchy phrase that I could use that wasn't being used by every.other.person. on the planet, but whatever!

I'm not a huge fan of resolutions, but N and I decided we would set 12 goals for the new year, some that we can work on in one month, some that go on for the entire year.

I'm not going to lie to you, this list was difficult to make. In fact, as I write this post, we are still searching for three more goals! But I'll get started and hopefully by the time I finish the post, we'll have a full set!

1. Lose 100 pounds.
It pains me to write that. Because it means I could lose 50 pounds and still be unhealthily fat. I don't know how I let it get this bad. But I have a program I'm following, that includes thrice-weekly counseling visits, and I will lose this weight. I started it before I got pregnant with C and lost 30 pounds before I had to put it on hold for two pregnancies. This is not your average "I'm losing weight" goal. It is a concrete-already-got-a-plan-this-shiz-is-happening goal.

2. Consistent Gym Attendance
We recently joined the community center in our neighborhood, complete with an amazing pool for the kids and a fitness center. It also has that stay-at-home-mom-holy-grail child care included with membership. Some days this is the only way I get a shower. One of the ways we justified our membership is with the $20/month per adult reimbursement for attending 12 times a month.

3. Financial Overhaul
This is our January goal. We are re-attempting our no-spend month for January to get a baseline of what our bills and income really are. Then we'll make a plan from there. Hopefully I will get to stay home for another year!

4. Graduate! May 24th!
I have filed my "Intent to Graduate" form with my university for my Master of Arts in Literacy Education. I have my first capstone (fancy thesis) meeting on January 11th, and my first three chapters roughly finished.

5. Tile shower
Seriously. We started re-tiling our basement shower in 2010. Two-thousand-TEN. It still isn't finished. We've run into various work-stoppers, painted cinderblock tile, a drainage floor problem, grout and mortar that wouldn't dry, but this is it. THIS IS THE YEAR THE BASEMENT SHOWER GETS FINISHED! This gets it's own goal because seriously. 2010.

6. Do one house project per month.
We have a list of projects we want/need to get done before we sell our house, and this year we want to make a dent in that list so we're aiming for one project per month to knock out this year. First up is the kitchen cabinets getting a white paint makeover. 

7. Bedtime reading EVERY NIGHT with our kids. 
As a reading specialist by training I'm a little ashamed to admit we're not very good at reading every single night. Bedtime gets a little crazy with two littles and two crazy dogs, and sometimes we skip the book because we've already read books during the day, or because it's easier to just go to bed, but not this year. This year our kids will get a story before bed every night.

8. Blog related! I have two for this!
I really love blogging, I've been doing it in some variation since 2004. But I'm too good at neglecting my little blog, so this year my first blog-goal is to post at least once per week. Ideally 2-3 times per week.  My second blog-goal is to do more giveaways. I'm going to shoot for 1 per month. I already have something in mind for January, so stay tuned!

9. Stock my Etsy store.
I have discovered a love for creating notepads. So at the recommendation of a couple friends I decided to open an Etsy store where I can sell both digital files of things like meal planning sheets, cleaning schedules, and other paper goodies, as well as an assembled product such as a pad of 52 meal planning sheets, or party planning organizers, or other things. I love paper goods, and I'm enjoying designing some unique ones.
10. Breastfeed for at least one year.
This one is tough and I will have a lot more story to tell as it regards this goal, but I want to give M some form of breast milk until she is at least one. It was also my goal with C, and circumstances didn't allow for it, but I am aiming for a re-do with M. Something important to know about this goal is that I may not make it to a year and that is ok. More details on this later.

11. Follow a cleaning schedule.
I created a cleaning schedule, and it's cute, and pretty and posted on our fridge, and largely ignored. So the goal here is simple. Stick to it, or change what isn't working. 

12. Improve 5k times. 
Today at 11:30 am it was a balmy -7 here in Minnesota. So what did N and I do? (along with my aunt and two cousins). We ran/walked a 5K. Our first one ever. The idea behind this goal is that we keep going with 5Ks and with every one we improve our time, even if only by seconds. Semi-related? Tape a broken toe before attempting a 5K. 

Here is our crazy group bundled up and ready to roll:
clockwise from top: Cousin Caralin, N, Auntie Cathi, Me and Cousin Cassi all covered up.

Made it! Got to 12 before I even finished the first 9. I'm pretty proud of this list, I think they are realistic, important goals that I will be able to complete, not with ease, but with satisfaction.

What are your goals or resolutions to make 2014 fantastic? Tell me in the comments because I really do want to know! 


  1. 1. Lose 20% of my weight.
    2. Get a different job, whether it's through promotion at my current company or something external.
    3. Buy a house.
    4. Take a vacation that doesn't involve visiting my family.

    1. Rach - those are great goals. Especially the vacation one. Where you thinking of going?

    2. Undecided right now. A friend and I have discussed doing a baseball trip.

  2. I should do a post about this. Plus I could brag that I kept one of my resolutions from last year: I flossed my teeth (almost) every night. I missed three nights (I think) in the year, which is pretty impressive to me. But my main one this year is to keep a gratitude journal (every night record three things I'm thankful for). Besides, like Rachel, getting a new job, whether with the company I'm at or external.

    1. I love your tooth flossing goal. And I think you should just do more posts in general.

  3. It's not too late for #7! Bedtime stories are an imperative part of our routine, in fact it often supercedes bath and teeth brushing (bad!!) on a bad night. We do two stories every single night. Best part? DH reads them and I snuggle our girl.



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