Thursday, January 16, 2014

My First Race! The Polar Dash.

I have this friend. Alison. She's basically superhuman. She has seven (SEVEN!) beautiful well-loved children, and is currently pregnant with her eighth. She runs. Her whole family does. A couple months ago, Alison posted a link to the Polar Dash on Facebook.

Anyone who knows me knows I love penguins. I have a terrible fear and loathing of all other birds, but penguins, they don't know they're birds. They think they're fish. And fish are friends, not food. So I love penguins.

When you run a race, you get free stuff. (Well, you pay a fee to run, but still). The Polar Dash gives you a PENGUIN HAT. I was sold. So on a whim, I signed up to do my first 5k in the bitter cold of a Minnesota New Year's day. I then convinced my husband, cousin, and aunt to do it with me (and aunt convinced another cousin too).

New Year's Day dawned cold (-7) and a little windy. But we did it.
We all started out together, but after about 3/4 of a mile, Caralin and I fell back, walking much slower due to a broken big toe. We discussed turning around when we saw the others on the return trip, (the race was a loop), but when we saw cousin-in-law and N, they had decided to run the second half. Hell no. So then we said we'd turn around when we saw Aunt on the return trip, but at that point we were so close we soldiered on. We continued to fall behind and we finished the race dead last.

Everyone behind us in this picture is a worker. But we don't care. Because we have jackets and medals and you know what they say?


And I loved it. Some of us are doing the next race in the series which is a 7K (about 4 miles) in March. I've even invited Alison's son to "run" it with us,(Meaning he'll run it and bum around the finish line waiting for us) since he lives here in MN.
Have you ever "ran" a 5K? Did you love it or vow never to do it again? If you're local want to join us in March? I'm bringing my kids on that race in the stroller!


  1. I am SO proud of you! You know what? My very first 5K I also came in last. In fact, they sent out a little golf cart to pick us up just in case we needed help :) It's addicting that walking/running and cool stuff :) Can't wait to hear about your next one.



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