Monday, November 18, 2013

Organzing Challenge Week 3: Clean it up!

I will get to the organizing challenge in a minute, I swear. But first, OY VEY, my children are plotting against me. One of them is happy, so the other starts crying. Which starts the happy one crying. Back and forth It's 2:00 and I just finally got them to sleep. I estimate a whopping 30 minutes before Miss M wakes up, girl is not all about the nap.

Ok. I feel better getting that out. Sometimes a girl just needs a little vent.

Isn't my new picture pretty? I'm learning GIMP. It's like photoshop, only free.

You can buy the book I'm following here. There is a newer edition that came out last week too.

So week 3 is all about cleaning. Which really, makes sense. A lot of sense. I mean, a clean home is organized and vice versa, right? Maybe, maybe not. My house is frequently messy and unorganized, but I like to think it's clean, as in, not grimy.

Here's my to-do list for week 3:
1. Make a list of every single chore, as specific as possible (ie: C laundry, M laundry instead of just "laundry")
2. Designate a basket to carry with me while cleaning. This way I can easily transport misplaced items to their place.
3. Do one thing on my list every day. At least one. Even with two little ones I can manage that. I think.

I hope.

Last week's challenge was to organize your time. I confessed my love for that week because I'm a geek for a planner.

I mean, come on. There's just something about a nicely planned week:

Although i get a little twitchy at having to scribble something out like I did this week. One advantage of an electronic planner I guess.

Last week's goals were pretty much a cop-out for me.
1. Get a planner. I already had one
2. Schedule all your appointments for the year Well, it's November, and the kid's last ones for the year are tomorrow.
3. Use a page of your planner as a long-term to-do list. N and I actually use Google docs for this, that way we can each access it and add to it whenever. We have several actually.

So last week was cake for me. Time is the one thing I'm confident in my abilities to manage, so I enjoyed my week "off" (which turned into two when I took a "vacation" week last week.)

How about you? How good are you at managing your time? What are you going to do this week for your cleaning schedule?

Week 1
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