Monday, November 25, 2013

Organizing Challenge: Week 3 continued

Oh what a week. (Late November in 2 K thirteen, sing with me)

Ever have one of those weeks? Where lots happens? Wednesday N came home from work and I handed him a screaming baby and said "I'm going to Target". And off I went.

So in true dm fashion, I'm taking another week for week 3 of the organizing challenge. Don't judge me, I run on my own time people.

I did get started though. Everything is more fun when you're writing on pretty paper, so I looked around for some free printables. I stumbled onto this site, where there are printables until the end of the day. I printed out a to-do list and I listed every cleaning task room-by-room in my entire house.
I sorted my list by room.  Then, since this page had happy little boxes next to it, I put down how often each task needed to be done, daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, annualy, semi-annually, etc. 

Next up is organizing those tasks on another sheet. I downloaded this one from the same site linked above, but I may design my own if I have the time. You know, between wrangling a toddler, an infant, two dogs, and writing my thesis.
I will definitely be making a printed version at some point, I just have to find the time. 

On that note, my goal for this week is to get the tasks all sorted and then to start doing them. I need to stop being lazy and do stuff. 

How about you? Do you have a cleaning schedule? Care to share it? 

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