Monday, November 4, 2013

Organizing Challenge Week 2: Organize your schedule

I am excited about week 2 of the organizing challenge (recap of week 1 is after the jump). Week 2 is "organize your time"


One of my favorite things in the world is a paper planner. I've used google calendar, and other electronic planners, but I am an old-fashioned girl at heart, and I like a paper planner. I currently am using the "meal planner" from Plum Paper Designs, and I love it. My next planner is going to be from Plum Paper as well, but will instead be the "family" planner. I'm still deciding how I want to label my 7 personalized sections. (I'd provide links, but she just had a baby and is on maternity leave). There's a picture of my current planner here. I have serious love. Another planner highly recommended is the Erin Condren planner. But it's more than I want/need.

my current planner

So I'm excited about week 2. There are only 8 goals for week 2, here are the three (four, technically) I'm going to focus on.
1. Buy one daily planner for home and work. (check!)
2. Schedule your dentist/doctor/vet appointments for the next year. (I'm going to go through January, since that's when my planner ends. When I get my new one, I'll do a year)
3. Use a page of your planner for a long-term to-do list. I may tweak this, I'll share later this week or next.

So week 2. Organize your schedule. Enjoy the gift of time. Get things done. I love getting things done. The only thing I like more than a pretty, organized list, is a list with things checked off. (Seriously,  I've been known to add things to a list that are already finished so I can check them off.)

So go! Comment if you're participating, I'd love to read about your experiences on your own blogs!

If you're interested, a quick recap of week 1 in my house.

1. Sleep - considering I have a newborn/infant (how is she 7 weeks already?) I did pretty good.
2. Journal - um. Here's the first page of my journal:

Journal fail. Let's be honest. If I have 10 seconds to myself, I'm closing my eyes. If I have 30 minutes? I'm taking a bath. Hot. 60 minutes? Naptime, yo.

3: to-do list. NAILED IT! I get Sunday evenings all to myself (provided M actually goes to bed on time. Babies are unpredictable) After my hot bath and nap, I spend some time mapping out my week. I have a paper planner I love (old school paper, yes.) and instead of "grocery list" I write out my to-do list for the week (as well as planning blog posts).
So that's last week. 2/3 challenges I chose (there were 10 in the book) I nailed, and frankly the third? Isn't my style, and I'm happy with how I use my alone time.

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