Friday, November 8, 2013

No-Spend November Check-In

Not spending any money is a great way to save money and assess what you're spending. It is not, however, easy. Oy.

The first week of challenges recaps is after the jump.

What's up this week?
Day 8 is Getting Ready to Clean  I can't decide if I'm excited about this or not. I'm certain that N will be. Boy loves his swiffer to be sure. Day 9 brings us cleaning day. Day 10 is cleaning your kid's rooms. (Lucky day off if you don't have children!) Day 11 is organizing your home office. (Or in my case, setting it up?) Day 12 is Your Bedroom Closet. Day 13 cleans up the bathrooms and day 14 is another day for reflection.

At least we'll be doing day 14's reflecting in a clean space!

As I sit here and reflect on week one's challenges, I realized quickly that the challenges as set out wouldn't work for me. I have no one to meal swap with, and frankly, I don't have the time to make that much food. But I am committed to using up my freezer and pantry. I also don't really miss not going out to eat, so making a restaurant recipe at home? Eh. I spent my time taking a hot bath instead. Which was so worth it, FYI.

Week 1 Challenges:

Day 1: The Ground Rules 
Day 2: Pantry (Friday)
Day 3: Meal Ideas
Day 4: Meal Swap
Day 5: Make a restaurant recipe at home
Day 6: Learn Something
Day 7: Reflect

I set my ground rules, got my husband on board, and night one we decided to have pancakes for dinner to start emptying out our pantry.


Randomly, all three of our spatulas decided to commit suicide. They all committed suicide by melting, in turn, toone of my lovely stainless steel skillets/frying pans.

So night one, I lost all my pans and spatulas. Whomp. Immediately I had to bend the rules to buy new pans. And spatulas.

A quick round-up of last week's spending/saving:

$30 - brunch for SIL's birthday (planned before no-spend)
$20 - N's weekly "allowance" sometimes a lawyer's gotta go out for lunch
$58 - new skillets and spatulas (Hey, I can't make all that food in my pantry without any pans)

$40 (Approximation) when I realized I couldn't go to Target for Halloween clearance items.

Net saved (not including pre-arranged purchases): -$18.

Oh well. At least I didn't hit the Halloween aisle. 

***I found this challenge at Living Well Spending Less and just tweak it for my own life.

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