Monday, October 28, 2013

Organizing challenge.

I have many flaws. Many. But one thing that comes to mind when someone asks "what do you wish you could change about yourself" is follow-through. I'm EXCELLENT at starting projects, organizing things, yada yada. But I lack committment. (In certain areas). Ever done one of those daily photo challenges on Instagram? Yeah? Ever finish one? Me either.

I've started organizing challenges before. I've even made them up myself. They were short-lived.

One of my new favorite blogs is Living Well, Spending Less. On that blog I saw a book called "Organize Now!" and when I read more about it, I ordered it.

I like it. It goes week-by-week for a year. This is a serious task, people. A whole year of organizing.

I'm challenging myself to doing this. This time next year my house and life will run like clockwork. Right?


Seriously though, I'm going to do this. I may take a week off here and there, but I'm following this book. I'll post about it here, but if you REALLY want to benefit, I suggest buying the book. It's cheap. And there's something oddly satisfying about the spiral binding. Makes me feel tingly.

I'm a nerd.

Moving on. Week 1.

Week 1 is organize your mind. Each week comes with a list of goals. A few from this week:

1. Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night (Clearly, the writer of this book did not have a new baby at the time.)
2. Start your day with a to-do list
3. Start a journal

There are about ten goals for the week, these are just the three I'm choosing to write about. Luckily, M is a pretty good night sleeper. She's a crap day-sleeper, but I'll take it because if I go to bed "on time" I almost always get 7-8 hours a night, just not in a row.

A daily to-do list is not something I typically do, I'm more of a weekly list type person, given the fluidity of my life with two very small children. But this week, I'll give it a go. If it doesn't get work? I'll stick with my weeklies.

A journal. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I've never been a journal-y person. But I'm going to give it a go. Last year I had a friend pick me up a journal from Barnes and Noble for no reason other than I loved the look of it.
Isn't she gorgeous? I just liked it, so my friend, who works there, picked it up for me since it was the crazy holidays and she was already in-store. When I read about week 1's goals, I thought, "hey, I have that beauty in the basement, let's get that out."

So I did. Now to use her. Hmm. What to write about? What, what, what...I have no idea, frankly. One thing I like about the journal goal is that right off the bat she says "If you don't have time to write in it every day, that's OK. Keep one for the days when you need to let it all out, or record a special day or memory."

Perfect. No pressure.

So here we go. Week 1. Anyone want to join me? Comment away. Blog about it and if there's interest, I'll put up a linky party on Fridays to check in, then post the new week info on Mondays!

PS: I'm still going to put my weekly to-do here, I'll just break it up into daily as the week goes on.

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organize mind
start on Christmas card design

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