Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Millie's Birth Story

Millie's birth story. This has taken me longer to get to than C, let me tell you, two kids under two, nearly under one is no joke. (As I write this, M is napping, and C is eating cheerios off the ottoman like a dog. Look ma, no hands.)

My due date was September 9th. I have to say I NEVER thought I would make it to my due date, in fact, I kind of expected to have another August baby. Joke was on me. My doctor had told me repeatedly that she didn't want me going past my due date because of my blood pressure issues with C, and the fact that my blood pressure had been borderline in third trimester. At my 39 week appt, she told me "see you this weekend!" because she thought I'd go into labor by Friday and she was on call.

Nope. So she had me change my 40 week appt from Wednesday to Tuesday (she doesn't work Mondays) so she could arrange for induction on Tuesday, the day after my due date. On Tuesday, the office called me to tell me she had to change me to Wednesday, because she'd gotten "trapped" in a surgery. So my appt was for 8:30 Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning I went in, and whomp whomp, the hospital was full. So she sent me home with instructions to "call the hospital Thursday morning at 6am and ask them if there's room. If there's not room, call me and I will call and blackmail someone to get you in if I have to."

Thursday morning, I called, and they said to come in at 7. So I called my mom, who was coming to watch C, and told her.

Well, my baby-sitter is kind of a flake (love you mom!) and she misunderstood me and left her house at 7, instead of making it so I could be at the hospital by 7. She finally showed up though and N and I made it to the hospital by 8 o'clock, just in time to get the absolute last available room. There would have been copious amounts of tears if I'd been sent home again.

My doctor came by around 9, broke my water and off we went. The anesthesiologist came by a couple hours later and put my epi in, hooray, as the contractions were quite painful since I was on Pitocin to move things along. Around 3, after a routine flip to lay on my left, my epi shifted and suddenly I could feel everything on my left side.

Oh.My.God. Why the hell would any woman choose to labor without pain meds? No idea, more power to you, etc, but I'm a big fan of my epis. My last check said I was at 9 centimeters. After about 30 more minutes, I started feeling the need to push. Very different than with C, since my epi was so deep with C I didn't have a clue.

I mentioned to my nurse that it felt like I needed to push, and she encouraged me to use little pushes to move baby down into position. I did that twice, and then my doctor came back to check me. She checked me and said "get a baby nurse, this baby is coming now." She told me to push.

Three pushes and seven minutes later, Amelia Spencer was born. Very speedy compared to 90 minutes of pushing and between-contraction naps with C.

Other than the partially-failed epi, a very uneventful birth. The worst part was the three days past my due date when I'd expected to have a baby in my arms by Tuesday.

Once again, we did newborn photos with Leah Fontaine. Here's another sneak peek. I can't wait to see the entire package.

So that's it. The arrival of Miss Amelia S. Isn't she perfect?

you can find C's birth story here

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