Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Just a little mini decor fix

About 15 years ago, when I was still in college, my step-sister gave me a set of nesting block picture frames for Christmas. A nice little set, white, with room for 12 pictures. But the pictures were 3x3, 2.5x2.5, and 2x2.Who has pictures that small? So they sat. I kept them, and even used them around the house. Here they are, blank, sitting on our mantle last Christmas:
See two of them on the left?

They are great for adding varying height to things, and since they're open in the middle they're dead useful for storing random things. The little one is empty, but we use the big one to store batteries (video game controllers and kid's toys means we should have bought stock in Duracell or Energizer). The middle one I keep a bunch of sewing stuff in, for quick sewing fixes like a button or a tie tag.

Confession, I'd completely forgotten I did this until I took the blocks out to do my project. So it's not as awesomely smart as it sounds.

But on Sunday, I looked at them and couldn't take it anymore. So I gathered them up, dumped them out and came up with a solution.

All I did was take scrapbook paper in the two living room accent colors (yellow and limey green) and stick it in the frames. Paper, scissors and tape later and they'd gone from this:
to this:
These are crappy phone pics, and the lighting blows because it was gloomy outside on Sunday, but It makes a bigger difference on my mantle than I would have thought. Even N noticed without prompting. I should have done this years ago, like fourteen...

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