Thursday, October 31, 2013

31 days of nooooooo spending

When we made the decision for me to stay home we knew two things. 1. We could do it. and 2. It would require some sacrifices.

As soon as my income stopped rolling in, cable had to go. We still have basic basic cable (networks in HD only) because bundling that with our internet was cheaper than just internet. Me being home all day has made meal planning and dinner-making much easier. (someday I'll make a post about the day BFF-K and I made a bunch of freezer meals.) We eat better and out less because of this.

But I still love my Amazon Prime and spend WAY too much on there. During a dual nap time, I ran across a blog on Pinterest. I don't even remember the original post I saw there, but I ended up spending almost the entire nap time pumping and perusing the blog. I ran across this post on 31 days of spending less, doing a spending freeze. N and I have done attempted spending freezes before, but we've always managed to find things we needed to spend money on. I like this idea, because it gives you a daily goal/check to make sure you're spending less.

So we're doing it. Being that it's November, (well, tomorrow) we'll have some extra gas expenses as we travel to family for the Thanksgiving holiday, but other than that, we're committing.

I'm posting this today because day one is just about setting the ground rules. These purchases are gone, done, finito:

eating out
gifts (this means no Christmas shopping until December 1st)
stopping for coffee (this is easy for us, we don't do this often anyway)
kid clothes (this is hard for me. They're so cute!)
kid toys
home decor
dog toys
the majority of groceries(until our freezer/pantry run out)
no Amazon purchases whatsoever

The last one is going to be hard for me. Seriously. My UPS guy's name is Tim, he's awesome, and he knows my dog's names. He's here a lot. A shameful amount. I'm a little afraid Tim is going to think I don't love him anymore.

For groceries, we'll still be buying bread, milk, eggs, and produce. The idea though, is to eat through your freezer and pantry to use up things instead of having things sitting in your cupboards forever. I foresee a lot of chicken and rice in our future. We'll still go up to the in-law's for Thanksgiving as well, so there will be an extra gas expense there. 

I'm excited to track how much we save, and get a true baseline of some expenses. 

So here we go. No-spend November 2013.
(Side note: I am obsessed with chalkboard stuff lately. Just call me a follower) 

Anyone else feeling like they spend too much? Want to save up before the holidays? You could even just do it until Black Friday.

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