Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Party on Party People - Let me hear some noise.

Whoops. Been a couple weeks. What can I say? I've been busy. I spent Monday in labor & delivery with severe abdominal pain on the right, so they had to rule out appendicitis. All is well and I was sent home with pain killers.

Plus, in a week? From tomorrow? My child will be one year old.

Whut? I'm sorry, whut?

In five short days, said child has a very large birthday party. I have been frantically running around getting everything ready for that. All I can say is thank god I'm not working right now! I'd never get anything done.

A little teaser.
Of course, the theme is baseball. My dear friend Katie, of Pickle Potamus Press (currently on vacation) made some fantastic invites I'll share next week with all the other details. 

So far, the weather report is calling for 80 degrees and part sun, which couldn't a whole lot more perfect. Which is good, because we don't really have room in our house for all the guests! I love my old house, but the rooms are definitely closed off and not open, and certainly not big enough for 50 people...

Here's what I have left to do:
clean! - living room, guest room (just making the bed), C's room, kitchen, bathrooms, lobby (need to buy a bookshelf)

buy decorations
cut astroturf (coffee table, food table, cake table)
figure out how to hang streamers and pennants
order helium balloons for walkway
get two more beverage tubs
chop toppings
quick grocery run (got most of the food at Sam's already)
alcohol run

Day of Party:
make nacho meat
pick up cupcakes (outsourced)
hang decor
-streamer wall
balloon walkway
shade canopy
buy ice
guest "book"

I will update and change this list as needed, but yikes! I'm overwhelmed. Add to all that I'm having a baby in 3.5 weeks (WHAT.) and have to get stuff ready for that, and make C's 12 month pedi appt! AAh!

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