Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vacation recap: Basically a photo dump.

WARNING: Seriously picture heavy. 

Last week N, C, Mom, in-laws and I headed to Estes Park, Colorado for a week. What a beautiful place. We left on Friday afternoon, stocked up with food, toys and a list of rest stops for a 16-hour drive with a 10-month old. He did remarkably well.
 In Iowa we saw a trailer pulling a bunch of John Deere tractors so of course I had to snap a picture for Leah, or more to the point, her boys. When she showed them the photo they started fighting over her phone. 
 Still happy.

 We stopped in Lincoln, Nebraska for the night, because nobody wants to sit in a car that long, and while adults could probably handle it, it's a lot to ask of a baby.
 C enjoyed playing in the hotel room. He loves to be under things.

 Tip for traveling with and infant/toddler hybrid? Leave at naptime.
 We stopped at lots of rest stops. We brought a queen-sized comforter and lots of foods so that we could save funds on fast food, but also so C could roam around a lot while the rest of us ate.
Apparently in C's world roaming means climbing on Daddy.
 On day 2, we saw mountains. We don't have these in Minnesota.
The trip in we drove through a very windy canyon. C was not pleased. He gets carsick, so the windy was not awesome in his mind.
 But once we got there, clearly, vacation agreed with him.
 Some of N's Colorado family came up to visit for a couple days.
 We had a beautiful front porch on the house we rented.

 It was quite hot while we were there, so we picked up a small pool for C at the local grocery store. He anxiously waited for the water to get warm.
 Chillin' with grandpa.
 Snuggling with mommy.
 Brushing his teeth. He loves his toothbrush.
 On Thursday, mom, N and I headed into Denver to catch a Rockies game. Did I mention it was hot?
 We got to see Cuddyer again!
 C did an excellent job at staying basically on his schedule. He was up at 5:30 am every day, but for the most part needed no adjustments, napped well and slept through the night. We can't really complain.

 Again, leave at naptime. We turned around and headed back on the following Saturday. C napped with his beloved measuring cup to start the drive.

 I started getting a little loopy around Lincoln and texted random photos to a friend.
 Including important alerts of current playlists on 90's on 9.

Seriously, I cannot believe how happy this kid stayed for the majority of the trip.

We got home on Sunday around 4, and while vacation was wonderful, it sure is nice to be in our own beds.

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