Friday, July 12, 2013

Lists! I love lists.

I love lamp lists.

My to-do list this week was FUN. Because it was basically "hey, make a bunch of lists so you can plan a party." Which translates to "spend 20 minutes making a list and then browse pinterest for 40 minutes".

Because really, nothing beats pinterest when planning a party.

So the details, as I know them for C's first (!!!) birthday party.

Theme: baseball
source: wikipedia
astroturf tablecloth
pennant signs
balloon path

Hot dogs & Nachos, of course
Cotton candy
cracker jacks
bubble gum

House Projects
deep clean all rooms
bathroom tiles (MUST CALL FOR ESTIMATES)
paint hallway (paint purchased)
clean out basement
finish Bean's room

Outdoor projects
line sidewalk (mom's coming tomorrow to do this)
clean rocks of weeds, etc
weeds in backyard
patch grass in backyard
power wash all concrete (ordered a power washer Wednesday. SO EXCITED.)
trim stupid branch on boulevard tree

Think we can get it done? The party is in a little over a month. 

Oh, and invitations aren't on the list because I'm just waiting for "delivery" from my designer. 
You can see all my party pins here.

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