Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bean's nursery

I have to admit. I'm impressed with myself. So many people comment on how lazy they are about their second child, specifically the nursery for the second child. Now, house-related things are my jam, so Bean's nursery was important to me.

And it's done. I'll let the pics tell their own story.

Crib: Modena
Dresser: IKEA
Crib art: Field and Flower Etsy store
Animal prints: IKEA
Framed Flowers: I made these from flowers that were on the head table at our wedding
Chair: MIL gave us this chair.
Rug: Target, circa 2009
Cradle: Uncle Johnny made it for me as a little girl
Bookshelf: Target
Curtains: Target
Curtain ties: wedding flowers
Shelves above dresser: Target circa 2012, they were white, I sprayed them black



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