Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What I'm doing now, the view from here.

We are in Colorado this week, in Estes Park on vacation. (We have a housesitter, so don't be thinking my stuff is all up for grabs!) I won't be around much, but here's the view from the house we rented.

Ok, so that was actually driving through the canyon to get here, because my camera won't upload the image I took of our view. But still, mountains, yo. 

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  1. Every time I've been to Estes Park my dad regales me with ways I could die. Enjoying the drive through the canyon, admiring the cabins along the river? My dad comments how he's seen what happens when too much water comes down the canyon. Death by flood. Driving up to the summit in RMNP? Dad comments how the last time they were there they missed being killed or trapped in a mud/rock slide by mere hours. Notice the dead trees killed by bark beetles? One spark and we'll all burn to death. Ever the optimist is my father. Good times.



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