Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Product Review: 31-gifts

Have you heard of 31 gifts? I had, but I hadn't paid much attention to it until recently. A few friends have recently started buying, hoarding, and selling their products (it's a company similar to Mary Kay, Tupperware, etc., but with some big differences) and they RAVE about them.

Like any self-respecting hater of trends, I refused to buy them, and wanted to hate them. Much like I refused to read any of Oprah's book club books back in the day, because if everyone liked them, it must be awful, and *I* am clearly better than that.

Then I started looking for two things, a nice, cute, organizer bin or tote for the back of the van (yes, I drive a mini-van, oh, how the mighty have fallen) and a coupon organizer where the dividers go all the way to the bottom. I have one, that I got in the $1 section at target, but my coupons keep slipping under the dividers on the bottom and getting all mixed up.

So I started looking around. Eventually, I ended up looking at 31 gifts, because I'd heard they had one of these magical all-the-way-down coupon dividers. They do. But at $25.00 a pop, I couldn't justify replaceing my $1 plastic guy. Especially since it's one of C's favorite toys...

But, I kept looking around. And you know what I found? A bunch of totes and bins that would work for what I wanted in the van. But, I'm still cheap, and I still wasn't ready to give up my "I'm too good for that" attitude.

Then Amy asked if anyone wanted free product in exchange for a review. Well, sure. I'm all about the free!

As a "condition" of receiving this product for review, I agreed to post a review on my blog, which I will, as soon as I get my surprise in the mail!

I also agreed to host an online fundraising sale. I got to choose a non-profit organization and if anyone makes a purchase via this link, Amy will donate a portion of her commission to my organization.

Choosing a charity for me was easy. In April 2010, we lost my (step)dad to complications from Lymphoma. It's incredibly difficult to believe that he's gone, moreso now that I have a child, and knowing that he would have been the best.grandpa.ever. and C (and baby) will never know him.

Because of this, I've chosen the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Starting last year, N, my mom, my aunt and my uncle have decided to walk in their annual "Light the Night" walk. There are no fundraising limits, no minimums, nothing expected like there is for a lot of other charity events. But we walk, and we raise money. So any money earned through this sale will be donated to the Light the Night walk in my name.

If you'd like to donate, but don't want to purchase anything, you can contact me for my personal link via email. (it's linked to my full name, so I don't want to provide the link willy nilly)

C, N, and my mom walking last year, 

**I was provided product free of charge in exchange for a review and hosting an online fundraiser sale. Please take this into consideration as necessary when reading this review. 

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