Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy June?

Wow. How did it get to be June? In other news, my kid just unplugged a lamp. One sec.

Nevermind, he appears to be completely content under the table.

Anyway. It's been a crazy couple months. In late April, N and I made the decision that I would leave my teaching position as of the end of the school year and stay at home with the kidlets. Having two so close together, it makes sense for us, and frankly, it's what I want. My last day with students was yesterday, and my last day of work is Monday. (We have teacher meetings and grades due) So as of Tuesday, I will be home all day with C, chillin in the yard, napping, and living a general life of leisure. (If you don't know that's sarcasm, you've never met a 9 month old. Kid moves. Fast.)

Hopefully though, while I don't anticipate being a stay-at-home mom to be easy, I do have hopes that I will be able to return to blogging on a more regular basis. Some things I'd love to talk about:

*cloth diapers! (I never thought I'd be such a hippie)
*bean's nursery
*catch up on Charlie's life so far
*a 31-gifts product review & fundraiser
*an upcoming vacation and traveling with an infant/toddler (he's between)
*some house projects (after 3+ years we FINALLY painted the master bedroom!)
*baby gear must haves we found
*plans for the house
*life, all around (see what I did there?)

Any other things you'd like to see me "talk" about? Let me know, and stay tuned!

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