Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Falling behind.

My to-do list this week was crazy ambitious. But I didn't really have a choice, as a lot of this stuff needed to get done before we leave on Friday afternoon. But holy cows am I falling behind. As I roll into third trimester, my nesting instinct and crazy energy is starting to wane. I put C down for a nap and instead of scrubbing the bathroom, I curl up on the couch with Yoshi and take a little snooze myself.

He's just such an exuberant sleeper.

On top of that, I have a serious case of pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel. To the point where my right fingers are all numb by day, making it difficult to get things done, since you know, I can't feel the majority of my dominant hand. My aunt is also in town from California, so today C and I headed out to have lunch with her before she heads back and before we leave town. When I brought the van in to get the air conditioning fixed on Monday that left me without a car for a day as well.

There's just a lot going on! I've also had doctor's appointments (one Tuesday, a cortisone shot Wednesday and another, 3-hour long test on Thursday), and with a cranky baby, that takes a chunk of the workday as well.

So here's what my list is looking like right now...

-pack C
-pack me
-laundry (so we can pack, duh)
-deepish clean
   -Monday: living room
   -Tuesday : Bathrooms delegated to N for Friday morning
   -Wednesday: Kitchen
   -Thursday: Basement/guest room
   -Friday: load car and go!
-hotel reservations in Lincoln
-find picture of N and I for Bean's picture frame
-doctor appt Tuesday
-run to nanny's to pick up some things 
-shopping for trip
   -Groceries (we're planning on rest stop picnics so C can crawl around)
-get AC fixed in the van. VERY important pre-road trip

Oops. It's kind of depressing, frankly. I did just get the fridge cleaned out, so all that's left in the kitchen is scrubbing down the oven and stove and mopping the floor.

All this, and right now? I'm going to try and convince my nap-striking child to lay down so I can rest a bit. Mama's tired.

Anyone want to come over and work on my to-do list.

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