Tuesday, June 18, 2013

As promised! 31-gifts product review!

I mentioned last week that Amy was sending me a free 31 bag to review. I anxiously waited for my bag to arrive, and it showed up Friday morning in the mail.

Amy graciously sent me a Keep It Caddy in a pink floral print. The first thing I noticed was the size. It's so small! I had an impression that all 31 products were huge huge bags. One of the reasons I never really got into them.

I immediately put it to use. I had to run to Comcast last week to drop off our DVR (as a part of my new SAH gig, I had to agree to cut our cable bill). So I wanted to grab a couple diapers, some wipes, my wallet, phone, and go. My *one* complaint with cloth diapers is how bulky they are to use when on-the-go.

This bag worked perfectly for that. It easily held 2 fluffy diapers, a wipes pack and changing pad, a small wet bag, a bottle, my wallet and my phone, with plenty of room to spare. I was even able to put the new HD cable box in the bag as I left Comcast. A quick stop at the doctor's office to pick up some glucola for a test and that fit in too. We headed home, and the bag did wonderfully.

The side pockets are mesh, which means that when my phone is in the side, I can glance at it if it rings without having to dig around in the bag. I REALLY like that feature. 

I do have a couple complaints about the bag. 1. It doesn't close. There's no zipper, or even a little flap to clasp it partially closed. 2. It doesn't go over the shoulder. When you're carting around a 9 month old on a bunch of errands, a shoulder strap is vital. Because of this, I won't be using it long-term as an on-the-go tote.

I currently have it loaded up with my thesis materials, books, articles, pens, and my MLA styleguide. Since I don't bring C with me when I head to the library the shoulder thing should be a non-issue.

So that's my review. Do I LOVE it? No. Do I like it? Yep! And I'll definitely be checking into some other products by 31, particularly the Large Utility Tote.

Do you use any 31 products? Do you love them? What should I consider getting? Do you want to buy anything? If you make a purchase through this link, a portion of Amy's commission will be donated to my Light The Night walk to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. This cause is important to me as we lost my dad to complications from Lymphoma three years ago. The fundraiser will close next Friday, the 28th at 3:00 pm Central.

**I was provided product free of charge in exchange for a review and hosting an online fundraiser sale. Please take this into consideration as necessary when reading this review.


  1. What a great idea! I used mine when we went overnight for diapers (disposables), wipes and bedtime books. It worked very slick!

    I agree, having kids means that you need to have your hands free!

  2. I love thirty-one!!! Not only for their amazing bags, but also for their purpose! They are a Christian company and based their company off of Psalm 31. I just found your blog through iheartorganizing.blogspot.com and added you to my bloglovin feed! I have 2 of these bags! The first stays in the car with diapers, wipes, and a few toys--this way they aren't all over the back seat and if I just want to "run" somewhere I don't have to grab the diaper bag (a backpack). The second is my lunch bag--I have fridge at work so I only need something to bring my lunch to work--not keep it cold.

    the large utility tote is amazing and very versatile, much like the keep it caddy. It used to be our diaper bag, but since it also doesn't close things would fall out when I bent over to pick anything up. I highly recommend it for the pool!!




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