Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Charlie's Birth Story

It's time to finally tell Charlie's birth story. 

I went to my appt on Monday, August 20th, scared they were going to put me on full bedrest for blood pressure. Never did I imagine it would be fluid that got me sent straight to the hospital. I had a BPP (Bio Physical Profile) and C got 8/10 points, he made all his movements perfectly. But, the technician couldn't even find enough fluid to measure. Charlie had decided to drain his swimming pool, as one of the nurses put it. When you don't have any fluid, you have to come out.

So, the doc sent me right over to the hospital and told me to get ready to have my baby. I went downstairs, sat in my car and cried for a few minutes because holy crap, overwhelming. Then I sucked it up and called N and told him he had to leave work. It was 4:15, he's off at 4:30 anyway, but I didn't want to wait the extra 15 minutes, because his drive is so long.

I sat in my car for a few more minutes before driving over, (I felt like an idiot driving from the OB to the hospital, [you can see the hosp from the parking lot] but it was getting close to 5 and I didn't want to get towed) and checking in. Labor & Delivery was busy that Monday night, it was completely full except one little room in triage. I scored that last available triage room until a bed in L&D opened up, which was better than getting sent to the other hospital, but it was crazy how busy it was. I was in Triage until maybe 6? So I wasn't there long at all.

Once I was in my Labor room, they started my induction by giving me the drug to get things moving. Basically, that drug just hung out for 12 hours, hopefully getting me ready. My nurse that night was hilarious.

About 7:30, the doc came to visit, and she explained what the plan was. I was told to mentally prepare for a possible/likely csection because induced babies with low fluid tend to not progress on their own. The plan was one drug for 12 hours and then Pitocin until delivery. I was told to try and get some sleep and Nancy, my night nurse was trying to find Boo on the monitor.

Holy crap did this kid not want to be on the monitor. Nancy ended up spending most of the night sitting on a stool by my bed, holding the little doppler thingy in place, because it wouldn't press down hard enough to keep him on enough to get a steady reading. I felt awful for her, but she was awesome. I did not sleep much Monday night, despite some Ambien.

Tuesday morning, Nancy checked me around 5 am, and said I was 1 cm and about 40 effaced. Awesome *sarcasm*. So she was going to call Doc to see if she wanted to start Pit to open me up. While we were waiting, I got to take a shower. It was awesome.

Around 8, the doc came in to do a check and BAM, I was 4 cm and 90 effaced. This meant we could put the scalp monitor on Boo so Nancy didn't have to sit there all the time. Apparently that shower did wonderful things. So instead of starting pit, they just let me labor. Around this time I started feeling my first contractions. I know women say they don't remember the pain of childbirth, but really, I don't remember what those felt like. In fact, when my day nurse (Amber) asked me if I was having contractions, I said "I don't think so." She looked at the contraction monitor and was like, honey, you're having contractions. Apparently I have a high pain tolerance.

Not long after that, I'm not sure how long, my hero came in. Peter Taylor, the guy with the epi. I seriously thought about naming Charlie, "Taylor", in his honor. I didn't even feel him putting the epi/catheter in, everything was awesome. I was numb from chest to toes, but I could still feel that my legs were there, and for quite awhile I could move them. Doc came to check on me a few times, the new on call and the one who was going to be there for delivery. I basically slept all day, the nurses came in every hour to flip me over and every once in awhile they checked me.

Around 3 I was completely dilated and effaced, but I wasn't have enough contractions to start pushing or even to drop Boo past 2 station. So I got the pitocin anyway. Oh well, I couldn't feel a darned thing anyway. (Pitocin makes contractions around 10X more painful, god bless my epi). Around 4:15, my nurse came in and checked and said it was time to start pushing. My contractions were 2-3 minutes apart.

We kicked the grandparents out (precheck) and started pushing. Around 5:00, she went to call the on-call doc (my second favorite) and tell her not to go home after work, because baby would be here before 6. She said she'd be right over. I kept pushing. My contractions slowed down to 4-5 minutes apart, so they upped the Pit and I kept pushing. I actually fell asleep a LOT between pushes. I woke myself up snoring at one point, true story. My regular doctor (my favorite) walked in around 5:30,  apparently the on-call's mom got sick, and so she was the one who delivered Boo around 5:48.

Warning: semi-gross: 
I couldn't believe what it felt like when he came out, it felt like all my internal organs came sliding out, it was bizarre. I actually asked if that was the baby coming out or if I'd just lost my intestines. I was pretty tired and dopey. They brought him to the warmer first and the baby nurse cleaned him up while the placenta was delivered and OH started repairing me. I have no recollection of delivering the placenta because I was enthralled with Charlie getting cleaned and then getting to hold him right away. 

No longer gross:
N was amazing. I can't believe how involved he got. At first he didn't even want to think about cutting the cord, and then once we were in labor he was amazing and involved in everything. This is so not what I expected of him. I love my husband, but I didn't picture him wanting to watch or anything. (If you knew my husband, you'd agree.)

We recovered until about 8pm, then moved upstairs to postpartum. He had to go to the nursery for a little bit the first night because he was puking up too much amniotic fluid and the nurses were worried, but he came back around 4am and stayed with me until about 3 the next day when I wanted to take a shower. Since H was at the house with the dogs, I sent him to the nursery. It was weird just sending my kid away, but when you're recovering from childbirth, it's hard to think about showering and being available to a baby at a moment's notice.

His first pedi check in the hospital was good, except he was jaundiced. This led to us spending an additional night in the hospital (I got to "room-in" with him since I was breastfeeding), but we were discharged on Friday. C spent two nights under bili lights, but by day 4 of his life his numbers were low enough to go home.  

 Charles Gordon

 Mommy and Charlie

And then there were three.

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  1. Thanks for sharing his story! Totally get the whole, "um, what that a baby that just came out" feeling :) I'm so glad you had a great birth!



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