Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recipe? Baked Potato Bar

This past weekend, my cousin was coming over to watch the Vikings game and roast little sausages in front of the fire on the hibachi grill. My in-laws were at our house as well because Boo was baptized on Saturday night. So with the addition of my mom coming over, we had a nice-sized crowd that needed feeding.

Currently, I am all about low-energy cooking, especially when feeding groups. So I decided Sunday was a great day for baked potatoes.

I threw 8 large baking potatoes in the oven at 400 for 75 minutes. Then I assembled the toppings.

 Looks yummy, doesn't it? Cousin was drinking bloody mary's, so the ingredients for those are in the background as well. He made mother-in-law one as well.
What kind of toppings did we have? Well. The big dish in the bottom right is taco meat. We also had bacon, green onions, pulled pork, green chilies, chili, nacho cheese, shredded chicken, broccolli, black olives, white cheddar and fritos.

For dessert we had cookies and pumpkin roll.

It was delicious, and a good time. Just don't ask me who won, because I didn't pay attention. I was sewing.

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  1. You make a tasty mashed potato bar as well! (Also, either erase that E or add an S in your title, sorry, I tried to ignore it!)



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