Friday, October 5, 2012

Pinterest Projects #1

Is there anyone out there who isn't on Pinterest? Even my anti-social-networking-friend Toni is on Pinterest. I admit, I didn't really get it at first, but now? I easily kill 2+ hours a day on there while C is nursing.

One thing I realized though, is I pin dozens of things a day, but I never go back and look at them, and really, at that point? What is the point?

So I committed myself to doing some of the projects, recipes, and classroom things. (Pinterest is an EXCELLENT teaching tool, trust me)

The first thing I tackled comes from this pin, which I've seen pinned all over the place. (Original Source)

I love(d) my coffee table in my living room. It was my accent color, and provided a wonderful yellow that was cheery and soothing at the same time.
But, with a baby coming, and two rambunctious dogs, we decided we should probably move the coffee table out to make room for some baby gear. And, the dogs knocked stuff off the table all the time anyway, so it got kind of annoying, and was very very cluttered.

So the faux sofa table pin was high on my list. Because we still needed a place to put things and our living room is small. (Our house is over 60 years old, every room seems small)
The inspiration. (source) I saw this photo, and immediately knew I wanted it in my living room. So I got to work. Two 1X6's, a few cuts from home depot and I was left with the materials to build my new table.

We brought the wood home, and one summer day, 8 months pregnant, I crawled around on the floor and built my own sofa table.

I painted it white for a couple reasons. 1. Our trim is all white in our house and 2. staining wood scares me. But mostly to match the trim. 

From the other side.

From the front. Complete with the ever-present Yoshi. The color is off in this photo because it is without flash, oh well. I never claimed to be a photographer.

It's wonderful. Our living room is open and C and I can do tummy time on the floor, and the swing fits in the living room (which is a necessity) and the dogs can't destroy things. It also has the added bonus of keeping things off the floor out of Yoshi's reach. Remotes have a much longer life span now.

Have you made anything you saw on Pinterest? What was it?

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  1. I'm not on Pinterest. It seems pointless to me. Then again I try not to do anything that might distract me while on the internet. I need to work and distractions are bad. Last week while searching for prices on 49ers tickets (a legitimate work related effort), I got sucked into reading about the horror that is pricing for certain season tickets at their new stadium. $80,000 to license a seat + $350 per ticket? Ouch.

    Anyway, if you need a laugh and a short term distraction, check out There's always something on there that cracks me up.

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