Monday, August 6, 2012

basement floors!

I had to add the exclamation point to make this post seem like it would be more exciting than it's going to be.

I have a confession. Since we moved into this house, N has done the majority of the laundry. For a couple reasons.

1. He's awesome. Best husband ever.
2. I'm afraid of the laundry room.

Yes, I admit it. The basement laundry freaks me out. But, probably not for the reasons you're imagining. I don't fear monsters, or boogey men or anything you'd find in a horror movie.

I just really hate the floors.

Shut up.

The floor is basically concrete poured unevenly over the original dirt floors and painted. You can kind of see it in this handy before picture, but really, the only thing that will do it justice it to feel the grossness on your bare feet.
Another before picture. It's really shameful how cluttered we let this space get. 
 So we completely emptied the space out, into the basement family room.
The dogs were bored out of their minds. We barricaded them behind all the junk because Yoshi is still incredibly puppy-like, and enjoys snatching things and swallowing them.
Kirby is quite possibly the best DIY dog ever. I pull out a tool of any kind and she just lays down on the nearest dog bed.
Yoshi, on the other hand, needs to know where N is and what he is doing at all times. He was ticked that he wasn't allowed to play and help.
Another shot of all the JUNK that we pulled out of the space. Some of those boxes were still unpacked from when we moved in.
I ordered these rubber floor tiles from Amazon awhile back. I can't recall how much I paid, but it varies based on many square feet you need to cover. They are 2' x 2' tiles, and they come with enough borders to work in any space. They are most often used for gym floors.
I started laying the floors, just kind of rolling with it. This step went REALLY fast, and before I knew it...
I had a completely covered basement floor with a nice warm, squishy padding.
We got rid of oodles of stuff before we loaded everything back in. Which leaves us with this nice little corner where my plan is to set up an ironing/drying area. Since we've decided to cloth diaper, having adequate drying space indoors is vital, since the covers can't go in the dryer and drying them outside isn't really an option in Minnesota in the winter.
So there you have it. Probably the most unexciting home improvement step ever, but since a baby comes with a lot of additional laundry, especially when you're using cloth diapers, well, let's just say N is happy I have no excuse to not do laundry anymore.

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