Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend To-do List

I confess.

I'm horribly ashamed.

When we moved into our home, it had wonderful curb appeal. Wonderful. See?
That's my old blog header, and that picture is actually from the listing. Our first winter in our house, it looked like this:
Still not bad, not bad at all.

Then, life happened. Now, today, it looks like this:
Ugh. I have planned, since the day we moved in, to remove all three bushes that were in front of the house. I removed one and replaced it with a hydrangea I was given as a gift, but neglect has made the survival of said hydrangea a little questionable. Plus, the evergreen bush has taken the absence of his neighbor to mean he can just grow right across the front of the house. And look how tall he's gotten! He's blocking the view from the living room windows, I think Yoshi is a little ticked, because he stares out that window for hours.

Then there's the right side of the steps. Um, there's only one bush over there, that big clump in front is all weeds. Shameful. I'm certain our neighbors refer to us as the trash house. The bush all the way to the right got trimmed once, last fall, but it's really had a grand old time since it's been so warm here so early, and he's big.

This is our boulevard tree. It's actually the only tree on our lot. I'm not going to lie, I like having a tree-free lot. But having a boulevard tree gets kind of tricky, because it's owned by the city, not us. And this guy? Out.Of.Control. That front branch? The really low one? That sucker hangs down about 20 feet into the front yard, and it's so low it's between my waist and chest. This baby needs a trim. But we're not sure who is responsible for trimming it. It also has several dead branches that keep dropping sticks in our yard and all over our cars when they're parked in front.

So, today/this weekend, we've decided to pay some attention to the front yard. With all the work we've done in the back yard, sodding, shrinking the garden, and detail work, the front yard has been sadly neglected. So, as soon as N finishes his PB&J toast, and I finish this blog post, we're tackling the following:

rip out the bushes
plant some containers for the steps
overseed and water the yard
sweep the sticks off the sidewalk
email the city about the boulevard tree
find a home for the recycling bins

Aaaaaand, go!

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