Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boo's Nursery. Finished. Mostly.

Decorating a baby's room is probably one of the most fun rooms I've ever done. I had a blast creating this nursery for my son, and I can't wait for him to live here.

From the door. This room has kind of a funny little entry way, so it's difficult to get a really good picture of the ENTIRE room, but this does pretty well. The dog bed is crucial, since we're traiing the pups that this room is for relaxing, not playing. It will not, however, be in here long term.
Crib and Art. The crib is Graco Lauren in Espresso and the Art is customized from Etsy seller Field and Flower. My friend steph actually found the artwork and we both ordered it in our own colors.
The glider and bookshelf. The glider is from Buy Buy Baby and is a Best Brand chair. It was a little spendy, but totally worth it already, as I sit in it a lot, it's one of the few places I'm still comfortable. It glides, swivels, rocks and reclines. Plus, because it's not a wood one, we can move it into the living room at some point after we're done with babies. The bookshelf is IKEA Expedit, we just moved it in from the office. The green frog on top is Yoshi's new favorite thing ever. It's also a white noise machine and light show projector for nighttime.
The dresser is from IKEA, the Hemnes line. The smaller drawers on the top are currently housing our diaper stash (more on that later), socks and sleep sacks. The mirror is one I've had forever, and couldn't bear to take down. The shelves are from Menards, bins from Target. The stuffed animals have all been gifts, The duck in front it named Mortimer, courtesy of BFF.  Spike the plant is chilling in the corner.

The two things missing from the dresser are a changing pad and wet bag. We're waiting to buy some things until we get the "completion coupon" from our registries. But the changing pad will go under the mirror on the dresser, and the plan is to hang the wet bag from a command hook on the left side of the dresser.
The cradle was mine when I was a baby. My mother's Uncle Johnny made it for me by hand. The aqua blanket inside was given to us awhile ago by N's grandmother, also handmade.
This picture of the closet is from a couple days ago, before I loaded it up, but it's a good shot of the yellow that I painted the inside.
The right side of the closet, fairly boring, we really need to get on top of stocking up on clothes for this poor kid! The ottoman in there is for a step-stool, because at the VERY TOP of the closet is another hanging bar, that no one under 7 feet tall can reach without assistance. I tried to move it lower, but no such luck, that sucker is stuck.
The other side of the closet. The shelves were in the closet when we moved in, and I fell in love with these bins at Target. I was thrilled when I discovered how perfectly they fit on the pre-installed shelves in Boo's closet. The labels were printed for free from Better Homes and Gardens and laminated on the snazzy new laminator machine I mentioned in my previous post.
One last picture of the entire space, this one with the lights off to give a better idea of color. The room is super serene, I frequently find myself in there in the chair just relaxing and reading with the pups curled at my feet.

There are still a few things to get, like a changing pad and a wetbag for diapers, but for the most part? We finished the nursery!

What do you think?

(adding some details I've been asked about)
The wall color is Behr's Cool Jazz. We didn't repaint, we painted it this color when we moved in


  1. That looks great! Good job! :)

  2. I love it! :)

    I especially like the dresser. I'm going to have to check out Ikea, which I'm slowly becoming more & more obsessed with!



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