Thursday, May 31, 2012

The proof is in the details.

In case you can't remember, we recently took our yard from this:
And this:
To this:

Leaving this:
And this:
Still left to do. (not to mention the weeding of the back garden, as seen in the picture with the dogs in it.) Well, I would like to state for the record, that I got those two areas done. It made me feel better to actually work on the yard instead of making beer and taco runs. It actually took me less than an hour to fill in the gaps on either side of the sidewalk and the big patch by the garden. I had N lay out the rolls of sod I would need since lifting them is over my current weight limit, and got to work. I got in such a groove that 45 minutes later I had this:
Looks good, eh? I left it like that for the night, but a few days later I went back out and made it look even better. Like this:
 Oh look at it! The beauty! The pretty weed-freeness of the sidewalk! The glory of letting the dogs out in the backyard leash-free for the first time in weeks! Look at it again. Scroll up! Then come back down, doesn't it look fabulous? And, notice that back fence? Remember the plethora of weeds that were habitating back there? Look at it now!
What weeds? (They all got tossed over the fence and brought to compost). We still haven't mowed the new sod yet, it's soaking wet because of the number of storms we've had over the past couple weeks (which we're not complaining about, because they kept our water bill lower), but mowing is on the agenda for this week as soon as it dries out a bit. The sod has taken firm root and has even stood up to Yoshi's frantic circle running.

We're trucking right along, and school isn't even out yet!

The backyard to-do list:
paver stones along the house
create a flat surface for the bonfire pit
flat stones along the back left fence for opening the gate
clean out the back garden
clean out the side garden
raise the back garden bed another 4 inches
remove the sandbox (we're going to use the sand to level the paver stone patio)
paver stone the former sandbox area
level the yard
paver stones along the fence by the house

We've purchased the paver stones for the back fence area, and hopefully sometime over the next week or so we can periodically work on that. We're using that small area as a test-ground to try out our paver patio skills and see just how much work this is going to be. Once we get all the pavers laid in the various areas, we'll be done with the sandbox and can ditch that thing too.

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