Thursday, May 17, 2012

Much less disgusting

We did it! (By we I mean, my friends and family worked their butts off and I did a lot of food runs).

We "finished" laying new grass in the backyard. As I posted here, we had big plans last Saturday, and starting at about 7:45 Saturday morning, we started tackling them. Mom and N headed to the locak rental place to pick up a sod cutter, and we first cut up all the old grass. We just ran it right over everything, dirt spots and all.

Then it came time to pick up the old grass. This took FOREVER. We had so many dirt spots, and at times had to re-cut an area that we couldn't just roll up the old stuff, we had to rake it into piles, then shovel it into a wheelbarrow, then dump it in a pile in the driveway.
Sasha came along to spend the day. She's so well behaved she wasn't going to be an issue. Kirby and Yoshi on the other hand, went to spend the day at Billy's, so we didn't have to deal with them running around and digging in mud and trying to escape out the back gate.
Picking up the old grass seriously took hours. Like 4 of them. With breaks for drink and food, and one trip to the compost pile, but the bulk of the work was picking up the old sod.
And digging up the edges. Craig was a master at edging, and getting rid of the grass we couldn't cut up with the sod cutter. I love that everything in my backyard now has a nice, crisp edge to it.
The sod cutter left a few strips and pieces of grass that we just dug out by hand.
While Sasha napped.
After the old grass was all(almost) gone, we added about 1440 lbs of dirt to the yard to level it out. Lots of dumping and raking happened.
And Sasha napped on the other side of the yard.
But finally, at about 6:00 pm, we got to lay the first piece of sod. Bob the neighbor was much impressed. We were so happy about this little piece of grass, I considered naming it.
We rented a "steamroller" to roll over and smush down the sod. Fill it with water and it's magically heavy. Not sure why we kept calling the steamroller, but we did.
Progress! J and K were ROCKSTARS. If you need excellent, hardworking friends, I would recommend these two, except you can't have them. They're mine, and I don't share well. (I was an only child) Craig and my mom both had to leave well before this point, but they worked their bums off too. I'm guessing everyone was a little bit more in shape on Sunday than they were on Saturday.
Around 7:30, K started to lose her mind a little bit. She'd make random movements and everything she said was said in an Irish/Scottish hybrid accent.
Rolling merrily along. I'd been sent in the house at this point, as they wouldn't let me do anything and the dogs were back, so I was keeping them company.
But it was all worth it, when I woke up to this beautiful sight on Sunday morning. They'd been working until about 9:45, so it was too dark to get a good glimpse on Saturday night. But, gorgeous. I keep going outside to stare at it.
There's still a bit more to do. N and I are going to tackle the side strips on Monday, getting the last of the sod right up to the edge of the sidewalk and getting the weeds out of the spaces.
And there's one lonely little area by the garden that needs a custom-shaped piece of sod that we need to do too.
But all in all, it was a successful day, and the yard is one step closer to being finished. This is a better view to be left with though, so here it is again:

The backyard to-do list:
paver stones along the house
create a flat surface for the bonfire pit
flat stones along the back left fence for opening the gate
clean out the back garden
remove the sandbox (we're going to use the sand to level the paver stone patio)
level the yard
paver stones along the fence by the house

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