Monday, May 14, 2012

I showed you here what art I had found through an Etsy shop for Boo's nursery. I ordered it in custom colors, picked up some frames at IKEA and as soon as they arrived, I got to work.

Cue the whompwhomp sound. IKEA frames, as I should have known are a little... off. The opening wasn't exactly 11x14, it was a little bit bigger. So I "ran" (read: waddled) upstairs, grabbed some scrapbook paper and filled in the gaps. I think it actually looks better than it would have if they'd fit perfectly.

I hung my two prints up above the crib.
They looked lovely. (The wall color is not that pale, this picture is not a good representation.) I thought they maybe needed a third picture, something about the two made me want one more. So I went back to my Etsy seller and found another print. I had her match the background to the other prints and bought it. 
But, I didn't hang it above the crib. It looks perfect on a wall across the room, to be revealed when we finish the nursery in it's entirety. This print is awesome to me because N and I met at a baseball game, originally.

We're getting there!

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