Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dis.Gust.Ing. For real.

We have a long list of things to get done before Boo arrives this fall. Things like "find a floor covering for the basement storage/laundry room" and "finish the basement shower tiling" (for real, that sucker's been ongoing for two years. *shame*)

This weekend, we're tackling a big one. A BIG one. We're re-sodding the backyard. When we first moved in, the previous tenant had an above-ground pool, resulting in a very, very dead patch of grass where that pool used to be. Then, we got an influx of crab grass, hardcore, resulting in dirt patches all over the backyard. After that, we discovered a drainage problem in our sump pump system resulting in a fun time last August where we rented a backhoe, dug a 6X6X4 foot hole with two 55 gallon barrels and miscellaneous pipes buried in it. The top of the hole became a big pile of dirt. Numerous attempts to re-seed, in both spring and fall, have gotten us nowhere. Nowhere at all. This is what our yard currently looks like:
 A full view. Note the variance of grasses, the large dirt holes, and oh yeah, the tarp covering the mud pit.
A sample of one of the large dirt spots. Yoshi loves these. He's a bit of a digger if he can find dirt. 
 I didn't even plant tomatoes this year, because this is what the "garden" looks like in the back. I'm just going to yank everything out, put in free compost (thank you, City of St. Paul) and start over next year. If I get to it, I may put some annuals in here later on.
This is the area right by the house, another prime digging spot for the Yoshter. We're not going to put grass here. Instead, we're going to lay paver stones to expand the patio a bit, and provide another flat surface for some of our patio furniture.

Because this is how much patio furniture we have. You can barely walk around on our patio, and it's certainly not fun to sit out there.

This weekend is only about the sod, but here's a long-term list for our backyard plans:
paver stones along the house
create a flat surface for the bonfire pit
flat stones along the back left fence for opening the gate
clean out the back garden
remove the sandbox (we're going to use the sand to level the paver stone patio)
level the yard (It's currently bumpy in various areas, remnants of other projects we've done)

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  1. I disagree. I sat at that patio table and it was fun. Sorry.



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