Monday, April 30, 2012

Nursery Wall Art

It occurs to me, I still label all my nursery posts "sweatshop". I can't help it. I think it will always be the sweatshop to us.

Anyway. My friend Steph found an Etsy shop with the perfect alphabet print, and the greatest thing is that she would customize the colors. My only regret was that I really wanted a matching numerals print.

The beauty of Etsy is that a quick email to the seller and she agreed to design a matching numerals print, and within a day, she had a proof for me. It was perfect, so I picked out my four colors, and a week later, she had a great proof for me. (She also made one for Steph, our babies are going to have matching alphabets I guess). It took her four days to get me my customized listing, so she even gave me free shipping. (I wasn't upset, but I'll take the free shipping). Customized art in four days for 21 dollars? Sign me up.

The prints have been ordered, and I can't wait to get them in the room:

We're trucking right along.  

The official "What to get done in the nursery" list. (Italics means new)
clean out the room
clean out the closet
rug(moved from the office)
wall art
move Expedit from office
storage bins for closet
storage bins for Expedit
mirror moved out
shelves above dresser
paint closet
storage bins for closet
move hanging rods in closet

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