Tuesday, February 7, 2012

That poor little sweatshop.

So, when I was pregnant before, N and I started clearing out the sweatshop, moving the bed into the office, so the sweatshop could be transformed into a nursery. Fast forward a few months, post-miscarriage, and that poor little sweatshop doesn't look like this anymore.

It looks more like this:

Though not that bad, I swear. I just can't take a picture because I'm hanging out in the Ramsey County courthouse serving on jury duty. Which is mostly a way of saying "sit in a room full of strangers and wait a lot". So you get that old picture.

So, inspired by Sherri's "get that shizz done" (or something like that) challenge to herself at Young House Love, I'm going to try to clean out the sweatshop. One thing at a time. There are several big items in there (broken bookshelves, a broken desk, etc) that need to be dealt with, so my goal is going to be to deal with one thing a day. Maybe it's just getting the empty dog food bags out, or dealing with the broken bookshelf, but one thing a day until that room is cleaned out and ready for whatever we decide to do with it.

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