Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bringing it down

I have not posted much lately. I randomly posted a recipe last week because I needed to share the recipe with some people and a blog link was the easiest way to do so.

In October, I went into a fairly substantial depression. I had a good reason for it, but when November came around, the last thing on my mind was writing blog posts. I'm not really sure how I made so many posts in October to tell you the truth.

When December showed up, I started to recover. It became a little easier to get up off the couch and re-join life. Work got easier. My puppy got a little better trained and behaved.

N was, and is, fantastic. He propped me up, dragged me out, supported me in every decision I made. He never once complained about my inability to help out around the house, or even the fact that I came home from school  everyday and ensconced myself on the couch.

I'm doing better now. Life is looking up, and I'm considering turning the heat up in my house so my fingers don't fall off from the cold. And maybe starting a nice fire to counteract the snow falling outside.

I'm ensconced on the couch today as well, though it's because N gave me a nasty cold.

Bottom line? I'm going to try to re-commit to my blog here. Once a week.

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