Thursday, October 20, 2011


For the past, oh, several months? I have been on the hunt for nightstands for our master bedroom. I knew the basics of what I wanted. A drawer, or two small drawers on the top half, and an open bottom that I could stick a decorative basket or bin in.

A long time ago, I found the bins. I also found the night stands.

At Target, for $90.

I refuse to spend $90 on Target nightstands.

We have been stalking them, hoping they'd go on clearance, as they're housed in an area of Target that frequently turns over the decorative items and candles. (You know what I'm talking about.) No such luck. We most recently checked on Saturday night.

Sunday morning, we stopped by another target to see if they had something we needed. They didn't. But, as long as we were there we thought we'd check to see if our tables had hit in the Saturday night price change.

They had. Sort of. We found one table marked down to $50.99. But, the kicker is that the sticker was labeled as regular $59.99, which wasn't what we'd experienced before. We carted it over to the price checker and voila! It scanned at that price as well. So, we snagged it and feeling high on our victory, we headed to another Target where we found a second table.

Back at regular $89.99 price. We bought it. Since we saved so much on the first one, we felt a little better about buying the second at regular price. Target's mishap was our gain and now we have two of these puppies helping our master bedroom on it's march to beauty.

Please excuse the craptastic phone photo.The bins are now in place and they look fantastic.

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