Saturday, October 1, 2011

Long, long awaited room reveal.

Waaaaay back in the day, N and I started working on what we referred to as the sweatshop. I got a desk, a chair, a mirror and a dresser. I built a bed. (which I now realize I never posted about) my mother provided a free dresser. I printed art from for free and framed it in cheap Target frames. The cradle my Uncle Johnny made me as a little girl was in there, along with a hand-crocheted afghan from N's grandma. It was all coming together, we had everything we needed.

And then it sat there. Seriously, this room has been done for AGES, all I needed to do was photograph it. But things kept coming up, I kept putting it off. So today, in a fit of nesting, I cleaned it up and took me some photos.
My favorite thing about this room is how bright and airy it is. The curtains are from Target and Walmart, the nightstand is one my mother gave me that I painted with on-hand white paint. (Leftover from the bed building).
As I was taking shots, Yoshi popped in to do some modeling. My great-uncle made that cradle for me as a baby. I was the first granddaughter amongst a host of boys, who all got rocking horses. I love that cradle. (I also have a rocking horse that will go in here when I get it from my mom, it was my step-dad's.)
 The desk is from Walmart, posted about in the above-linked posts. The lamp is a lay-around we had from when we first moved in.
I love this mirror, oh so very much. It was definitely a splurge, but it's something that can go in almost any room in the house, should we need to move it out of here for any reason. (If we were to someday have children, for instance). BFF gave me that fantastic bowl for my birthday (or Christmas?)  and it rests perfectly on the dresser.

There is one thing missing in this room, did you spot it? Yes? No? A rug. I do actually have a rug for this room, a nice, big, plush, white shag rug from IKEA. I bought it, layed it down, loved it, and then we fostered a dog. A dog with anxiety issues. A dog who really, really liked to pee on the pristine, white, rug. So the white rug is in the garage, someday I will evaluate the ability to clean it, but for now, the lovely hardwood floors offer a nice contrast to the white furniture. I'll put a rug in there, should we have guests to keep their toeses warm, I promise.

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