Monday, October 24, 2011

In less than 3 hours.

What kind of awesome, pride-inducing DIY project can you undertake and finish in less than 3 hours?

A very pretty, very organized coat closet.

In the interest of full disclosure, it's not completely finished. I still need to decide what is going to be stored on the top shelf, and what is going to live in the drawers on the bottom, but the labor part is done. It took less than one episode of Brothers and Sisters to finish the painting, another episode to paint the shelves and the supports painted. It did take a couple of episodes for everything to dry, but I don't count that since I wasn't working, I was just laying around, chilling.

A refresher of what I started with:
I emptied the closet out and was left with a clean, empty space:
Then I slapped on a coat of bright, bright, bright green. This paint was free from Glidden's promotion earlier this year, originally intended for the master bedroom, but I went (or will go) another direction in there, so it was available for the painting. I posted a quick poll about color choices and went with the winning choice.
While that was drying, I laid out my 1X12 boards I'd had cut at Home Depot the day before, as well as the original shelf and hanging bar that was in the closet. A quick coat of paint later, I had a passel of white shelves and supports drying on my office floor.
Once they were dry, I put the original shelf back in place. I grabbed my BFF, the drill, and my trusty level and put the first shelf up.
 Made sure it was level.
Yay! It's level! I put the rest of the shelves in. They're spaced 10 inches apart, except for the upper two shelves, which I spaced at 16 inches, to allow for some larger long-term storage.
 See, they're farther apart. And pretty.

You may be wondering why we left the hanging bar in with all the shelving. Well, since this isn't our forever house, we wanted to leave this as a potential clothes closet so we can keep up the 4 bedroom label, even though we use this room as an office. It doesn't get in the way of anything, and was already there, so it's no skin off our nose. 

I found a set of wire drawers at IKEA, on my way out the door, and I instantly knew they'd be perfect for the bottom of this closet. Because of the panel on the bottom right allowing access to the bathroom plumbing, I couldn't put shelves up on this part. Since they were a whopping $14, I picked them up. I put them together, and set them into place.
This is where I noticed that the first shelf, right above the drawers, looked a little off. Because I'd spaced the upper shelves out more, I had a spare shelf and set of supports. I put them up, and noticed it made all the difference.
It also made it big enough for some storage baskets I already had on hand, and they look lovely as well.

The end result? Awesomeness.
The top shelf is for sheets, I've long stored them by size, putting the folded sheets inside one of the pillowcases, a tip I read in BHG years ago. It's the only thing that makes sense. The brightly colored towels are the ones for our lower guestroom and bathroom, and the muted, earthy colored towels are the ones for our main bathroom. Easy sorting, and easy organization.

I still have some things to put in here, but in the interest of not filling the closet up immediately, I'm taking it slow and making sure I find the perfect home for everything.

What do you think? Too bright? Just right? Whatever your opinion, tell me!


  1. I think it looks awesome! Smart to keep the hanging rod in there, just in case you need it for anything down the road. Shelving is such a cheap update and makes a HUGE difference! Nice job :)

  2. Blatant posting for link traffic will be deleted and marked as spam. Done.

  3. Actually, no, I was just showing you an example of a pull out shelving unit. But whatever. I still don't like the color.



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