Thursday, October 20, 2011

I love long weekends.

If you live in Minnesota, if you grew up here, there's a special weekend in October that every child looks forward too. It's called MEA*.

The only people who look forward to it more than the children, are the teachers.

MEA is our professional conference weekend. The union hosts a professional conference downtown St. Paul and we get two days off of school to attend.

However, it is completely voluntary, and I've never gone. I think about it every year, but I never go. This year is no exception. Maybe next year. (Hey, Heather, let's go to the conference to get free stuff next year).

My plans for this long weekend are better, I think. Tomorrow we head to Rochester for an annual Rock Band Road Trip. But today, I'm getting started on my newest project.

The new linen closet.

Wait, we don't have a linen closet. You're right, we don't. But we do have a bedroom that doubles as an office, and we don't have a need for the hanging in there, so I'm turning it into a linen closet. As seen here, I am planning to paint the inside, and load it up with bright white shelves.

I've decided to go with the green paint, because I have 3 quarts of it, that I got free from Glidden's promotion a while back (my mother and BFF also sent me quarts, originally, it was going to be the bedroom wall color, but we've got other plans now). Also, because I think it's a nice, bright color to put in a small space.

So that is my plan for today. To get the closet cleaned out, and potentially get a coat of paint down. (Depending on availability of paint brushes, I don't know if we have any, we tossed a bunch awhile back).

Here's what I'm starting with:
Yoshi was thrilled when I opened the closet, as it's where we keep the puppy food, and he jumped right in. Please, please don't judge the state of the shelves on the right, we have big plans for this room, and those shelves, but they've become a bit of a dumping ground lately.

And yes, there are two wedding dresses hanging in that closet, I should really get around to donating or selling those babies. I won't even go into why I have two. I also have actually no idea what is in the boxes on the upper shelf, though I know we don't even have the computer that came in that Dell box anymore. . .

This project is full of challenges, a small space, and two dogs who will be very interested in what Mama is doing hanging out in a closet...

*It's no longer called MEA, it's "Education Minnesota", but no one calls it that. Just like we still call it "Dayton's".


  1. I purposefully ask people, "what is 'Daytons'?" when they say it. Then when they tell me I say, "Oh like if you still referred to your bathroom as the outhouse. Got it."

    I like to fuck w/people.

  2. I'm going to start referring to my bathroom as my outhouse, where I use my chamber pot.


  3. We had the same thing in North Dakota, except we just called it teachers' convention.

  4. In MN we called it based on what the teacher's union was called. They combined and changed names a few years ago.



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