Monday, October 17, 2011

Hypothetically speaking...

What if you were, hypothetically, going to paint the inside of a small closet you were turning into a linen closet? What color would you choose? What if, you wanted to save money, and paint using paint you already have on hand? Say... these ones...
Glidden's Rich Navy
Glidden's Lemon Ice
Glidden's New Grass Green
Behr's Newport Blue (this is the least true-to-color sample ever)

Which color would you choose? 

This is, of course, purely hypothetical. I mean, I'm not going to paint a closet or anything. And certainly not put up a bunch of white shelves to pop off the color or anything. 

I wouldn't do that. Would I?


  1. Hypothetically, I would not choose the top color because it is too dark and unless the closet is lit, you may have trouble finding things in there. If you are hypothetically planning to paint the shelves white to make the color pop,the second color will look dirty on the walls. That leaves the last two. I'd go with the green, because I like it.

    Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  2. I think blogger believes my comment should be hypothetical. I agree with Rachel, the navy is out unless this "closet" has its own light. As for the other colors, I'd be wary of anything that would be jarring when viewed in conjunction with the wall surrounding it - red walls and green closet would not be the greatest combo.

    Then again, a hypothetical closet can be anything it wants to be.

  3. Hypothetical walls would hypothetically be dark gray, so nothing really jars against it. Good point though.

    And there isn't a light, though it would be easy to put one in.



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