Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Nook: Washington: A legacy of leadership

Last spring, a friend told me about a website called Booksneeze. This website gives you free books or ebooks in exchange for a blog review and a post on a major retailer's website. I leapt at the chance, because hey, I love books and I love free.

My first book was Washington, A Legacy of Leadership by Paul Vickery and Stephen Mansfield. I selected this book, because after a visit to Mount Vernon a couple years ago, I had been wanting to learn more about George Washington, who was, by nearly all accounts a fascinating, kind man. I was looking forward to learning more about him, hoping for some anecdotes about who Washington was as a person. The book, however is mostly about how Washington was as a general. Which I should have realized from the subtitle of "A legacy of leadership."

I dug into the book, read a few pages, and then promptly abandoned it. A few weeks ago I picked it up again, determined to finish it so I could get another book. I had originally abandoned it, because I found it very dry and difficult to get into. However, once I did get into it, I found it a great read, with some great information. While I didn't get my hoped for personal anecdotes, which I know exist, having heard several at Mount Vernon in person, there is a wealth of information that is both interesting and revealing about the kind of man Washington was and the impact he had on our early nation. I wished also for a little more voice in the writing. I like biographies and non-fiction, though it isn't my usual choice to pick them up, if I find the topic of discussion interesting, I'll pick it up, but they must have a great voice for me to stay interested. This area is the second area I found the book lacking.

What is my recommendation? Read the book if you find Washington interesting, and want to learn more about his military career and what made him a great leader. If you are interested in what made him a great man, you won't find those details here, though that doesn't diminish the value of the information found.

*disclaimer, I received a free e-copy of this book to review for www.booksneeze.com

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