Monday, July 11, 2011

A to-do list for the week.

This is the first summer I have spent at home, not teaching summer school, not working a retail job, nothin. Nada.

Over the past two weeks I've noticed that it's very, very easy for me to just sit on the couch with my laptop and nook and just veg.

This, while the dogs are big fans, does not bode well for the cleanliness of my house. So I've taken to using my whiteboard center to give myself a to-do list for the week, otherwise, I slack, hardcore.
It still makes me very happy to look at this picture.

I find that having a list at the beginning of the week makes it slightly more likely that I will actually accomplish something during the week. You know, aside from applying for jobs daily.

Anyone else have the summer off? How do you keep yourself motivated to do something other than watch Buffy marathons all day? (that may just be me) Even if you don't have summers off, how do you keep yourself working?

This isn't foolproof. Here I am blogging, instead of cleaning up the guest rooms...

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  1. Motivation for me generally requires money. My boss (aka me) is really lazy, but I like being paid. Let's not lie, I spend all morning sleeping in, the afternoon reading on my deck or trying to pretend I care about my lawn and the evening working while casually listening to/watching TV.

    It used to be really hard to drag myself away from whatever time waster I had discovered, but I have steadily gotten better at actually doing productive things. This is partly due to the need for a pay check, but mostly because I actually discovered a work ethic and a need for some sense of accomplishment. This has extended to things I don't get paid for like cleaning my house, mowing the lawn, etc. Though as a bonus, some company paid me $60 to clean my own house last week.

    Also, Buffy marathons occur Sunday nights on Chiller which mercifully ended season 7 and started season 1 last night. That whiny little klepto bitch, Dawn, will not be back on my screen for weeks.



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