Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The shiny, pretty living room

I love my new living room. Love.  Check it out.

But before I give you all the details, let's look at what I could scrounge up for befores. Because of the great computer disaster of 2011, I can't find any of my before pictures from the living room, but here's a few pictures I'd uploaded to the blog ages ago.
 Ember the foster dog on the green chair, this gives you a shot of the curtains that were in the living room.
 Ember and Kirbs on the red couch, man I loved that couch.

Ooo, look what I found! Decent before pictures!
A glimpse of that oh-so-hated wall color. Other people love it, but I HATE it. There are only two spaces left in the house with that color still on them. I may be able to live with those spaces, it's a small hallway and the stairs to the basement. We'll just have to see.
A glimpse of the "dining room". My one requirement in a house when we were shopping was a dining space. I lost that battle, but I guarantee my next house will have one. 

And now, for the big reveal. Some of these pictures are lightened a lot, because I really wanted to photograph without the flash for truer color. 
 I absolutely, absolutely adore the color in here. The room always seemed kind of small and dark with the old color and furniture. Now it's bright, and it's actually nice to spend time in here. (It's where I'm sitting as I type this.)
This is probably my favorite picture, I just LOVE how the yellow table adds a bit of cottagey-ness to the room, and with the raised sides, stuff on the table is protected from the Kirbster-tail-of-doom. The new lamps are a heavy plastic, because that doom-tail has killed several breakable lamps in it's day, so we went with the less glamorous plastic route.
 This is the majorly lightened photo I was talking about, but it's a pretty good shot of the bench and curtains. I love the curtains in here as well, (are you sensing a theme?) the sheers offer a lot of light along with privacy, and I don't think they look as grannyish as I thought they would.
A fantastic view of the fireplace. Before buying this house I always hated painted brick, but this was painted when we moved in, and I admit, I kind of dig it. The brick in the basement was also painted when we moved in, and we even painted that a bolder color. Who'd have thunk it?
This is the closest I'm ever going to get to a dining room in this house. Luckily, there are only two of us, but I love having friends over for dinner, so my next house WILL HAVE A DINING AREA. (Hear that, honey? I'm not giving in this time) It doesn't have to be formal, just specific. 

So what do you think? I confess, I can't quite communicate how much I love this room now. I just LOVE it. Love. 

Sorry. Did I mention that I love it?


  1. I LOVE the new color! And I also love your yellow table. The new color is so fresh.

  2. Beautiful transformation! Love the colors and that darling little yellow table! LOL at the tail of doom!




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