Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Change of plans

A long time ago, in a land far, far away in the basement, I created a craft room for myself out of a storage area. I then promptly abandoned it, as it was cold, dank, unwelcoming and dark. No windows meant no natural light.

So, I recently decided to move my craft room. From the basement to the attic. Our master bedroom is in the attic, and there is a small space outside our bedroom that was crying for some attention. So BFF and I painted it. (notice that it's always BFF and I painting, never N) before I get into too many details, here's what it looked like before:
 I do not recommend painting stairwell walls, ever. This was traumatic, to say the least.
 We pulled everything out and got ready to paint before we remembered before pictures. Yoshi is telling BFF whatfor here.
I hate that stupid greige color so very much.

We went with a bright yellow-green in the upper area, since it's such a small space I wanted color, but not too dark. So we went with yellow-green. I originally painted a coat of white on the stairwell walls, but that was way too "off" and so I went the other direction and painted a bright navy. Since this room connects to the master bedroom, I wanted the colors to flow and coordinate and there will be a lot of blue and green in the master when it gets done.
All of the furniture we already owned, from when we created the original craft room downstairs, which makes this space a "cheap date" as it only cost the cost of paint.
It's very difficult to take pictures of this space as it's small and there is only one window letting in natural light.
You put a desk or table somewhere, and Kirbster's gonna lay under it. If she had opposable thumbs, she'd spend all her time building forts.
Yoshi we adopted straight off the transport from the south, so he loves it up here, where it's hot because of the vaulted ceiling. Oh! That was another expense, the curtains, $18.99 at Target for two panels, it breaks up the color just enough, in my opinion.
The stairwell got a couple coats of the navy, and I spray painted all of our black gallery frames white so they'd pop off the wall nicely. We have some more to add here, but I plan on adding photos as we add events to our life, I didn't just want to put pictures up for the sake of putting pictures up. Yoshi is wondering what on earth I'm doing.
Just another shot of the pictures. You can see that I did leave a COUPLE empty frames, but for the most part, we'll add frames as we go.

So there you have it. Yet another space we've gotten done. I feel like we're cranking through our house and soon we won't have anything to show! Except a fantastic finished project, I hope. And we still have to tackle the outside I guess.

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