Sunday, May 29, 2011

A wrench in the plans.

I wonder where that phrase comes from. I've never known anyone to throw a wrench at anyone, so the origin of this is anyone's guess.

Regardless, I had some big plans for this summer and my house work. I wanted to put in a new, bigger, better patio. I wanted to really look at adding something to the front of the house.

But our dishwasher had other plans.

Our dishwasher quit. It's not really a surprise, it wasn't a great appliance, but it did the job, and the interior space was AWESOME. It fit everything. Including the puppy at one point when he crawled in as I was loading it. (No harm was done, he was just 'splorin and I was right there). But, alas, it doesn't love us anymore. So we did some research, a process I will spare you the details of, and picked out this baby.

A low profile, stainless steel interior and lots and lots of room. Should be here in two weeks. We ordered it from home depot, they matched the online price in-store (more than $100.00 off) and had free delivery and free removal of our old unit. Hard to top that. With the delivery and removal the price was lower than Sears, even with the price match sears offers.

I can't wait. Though I'm sad that monetarily I have to put off my dreams of a snazzy new patio, I am excited to not have to wash dishes by hand. Or rather, not make N wash dishes by hand.

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