Monday, May 23, 2011

Recipe 8 of 12: Chicken Tender Melts

I have a couple specific blogs I like to look at for recipes. I like tastykitchen and sparkrecipes for recipe searches, but for blogs, I don't have a huge food blogroll like a lot of other people do, I pretty much stick to So Tasty, So Yummy, and Elizabeth's Cooking Experiments. What I like about these two sites is the realism. Almost everything they post on these sites is something I feel I can replicate in my own kitchen.

I was menu planning for the week and visited Liz to see what new things she had for me. I found Chicken Tender Melts. She begins by romanticizing Perkin's Family Restaurants, a local chain here. While I couldn't disagree more on her thoughts (I HATE Perkins, ask anyone) I do agree that I spent a lot of time there in college. Open 24 hours and $3 breadbowls (sans salad) meant a lot of studying (and avoiding studying) happened at Perkins. The only thing on the menu I could find that I would eat is the chicken tender melt. (Minus bacon, what can I say, I'm picky.)

Seeing the recipe on that site made me want it immediately, so it went on our menu for Sunday night. It was delicious.

We left off the bacon, and only I had tomatoes, but we were both very happy with our dinner and feel fully satisfied. 

I highly recommend trying it, and I highly recommend hitting Elizabeth's blog up when you need a real, easy to make and tasty recipe.

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