Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pups: Doggie Boot Camp

We recently adopted another rescue dog, a puppy we subsequently named "Yoshi". Wow. FYI, if you have a dog, and you think another dog will be a little more work, like at most, double the work you do right now?


It's at least triple the work having two dogs. This does not bode well should N and I ever decide to have kids. We noticed that Kirby was excellent at teaching Yoshi to "sit" and Yoshi is excellent at teaching Kirby that she doesn't really have to listen to us. At. All. So we've gone commando on the pups.

Yoshi is currently undergoing puppy training, and he's doing quite well. We even seem to have potty training well on it's way to being complete *crossesfingers*.

Kirby has always been a pretty good dog. She's very good at sit, and she sleeps the whole night through on her own bed. Once we got Yoshi, however, she started to lapse a bit. Yoshi was getting crated during the day, and Kirby wasn't. Kirby quickly started peeing and sometimes pooping on the floor while we were gone. (I'll spare you the details, and give you no pictures.) So we got ourselves another kennel/crate and now Kirby spends her days  in her kennel as well.

One thing we noticed is that Kirby and Yoshi have both started to think they're the boss of us. We'd gotten in the habit of letting them out without making them sit, giving them their food for longer than they needed it (if they didn't finish it, we just left it) and they really started to take advantage of us.

So, after reading, yet again, about the FABULOUS pitties over at Two Pitties in the City, I decided we're going hard core. Really, it was talk of "down stay" that made me realize how bossy my dogs are, and how much we need a change. 

Right now, I've got them both laying on their beds, NOT the couch, in the living room. It only took a half hour to get them both to "go lay down", though I fully anticipate a reversal of knowledge come tomorrow afternoon.

Any great tips for pup-training? I'll take 'em.


  1. Have you ever heard of NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free)? It's a great training method that works really well when you bring a new dog into the house. If you google it a lot of resources and information on it will pop up. It's great because it helps teach your dog the rules (and to listen to you!) but it's also a great way to bond and practice positive reinforcement.

    Congrats on the new addition! They're adorable together :)

  2. Kate, yes, that's how we've been training so far. Both with Kirby pre-Yoshi and with both of them now. They've kind of reached a stand-still with it though.

  3. I found your blog from twenty six to life blog - and had to comment because we also have two dogs, one of which is named KIRBY! What a coincidence! Although our little girl is named after Kirby Puckett, an old Minnesota Twins basball player.



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