Friday, April 29, 2011

Goals are sometimes hard to meet

I had set an informal goal for myself to finish my 101 things list by today, Friday. I tried, and I made some excellent progress, but in the end I could only get to number 83.

But, I added nearly 30 things to my list, and I'm quite close to finishing the list. Writing it anyway.

1. learn how to apply makeup
2. take a Community Education class
3. pay off Nissan
4. pay off Saturn
5. complete Reading License Coursework
6. try twelve new recipes (6/12)
7. buy/build a rain barrel
8. finish painting the basement
9. do a spending freeze for a month
10. take a "real" vacation (booked for Christmas!)
11. have a picnic by a lake
12. go an entire day without electronic devices
13. lose 75 pounds of fat, or at least get a real start
14. receive $20 reimbursement 12 months in a row for gym attendance my insurance doesn't offer it anymore.
15. get in the habit of eating breakfast every weekday
16. create a meal entirely from organic products
17. organize all the closets in the house
18. refinish/paint the sewing table and fit it with a shelf
19. buy the dog a pink collar
20. pay off credit cards
21. send my Grandma one card/letter per month (1/12)
22. paint the front door
23. finish 101 things list
24. develop a house cleaning schedule
25. paint the kitchen and hang the shelves
26. paint the shelves :)
27. have a date once a month with Hubs. (4/12)
28. get a haircut (this seems easy, but my laziness knows no bounds)
29. get a library card
30. make a piece of furniture from scratch (two!)
31. Finish redoing the office
32. Make a craft room out of basement storage
33. buy a sewing machine
34. paint the living room
35. have some sort of garden, potted, in-ground, something living
36. find a rug for under the dining table
37. paint the master bedroom
38. finish the "grill patio"
39. install rain barrel
40. finish watching all seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (6/7)
41. create a usable space in the sweatshop
42. beat Super Mario Galaxy 2
43. begin to learn to play an instrument
44. expand the patio
45. build an outdoor buffet table
46. build a workbench in the garage
47. foster a homeless animal
48. get 50 blog followers
49. have a giveaway on the blog
50. re-tile the basement shower
51. re-finish a piece of furniture
52. adopt another rescue dog
53. volunteer for a day
54. blog at least once a week for the rest of the year
55. elevate the back fence vegetable garden
56. hang the photos in the basement
57. hang pictures on stairwell wall
58. get rid of sandbox in back yard
59. rip out front bushes (1/3)
60. get rid of 30 "things"
61. photograph my classroom
62. re-read all 7 Harry Potter books before the last movie
63. re-watch all 7 Harry Potter movies before the last movie
64. housetrain the puppy
65. sort my teaching stuff for easy summer storage
66. loose-leash train Kirby
67. go to the dentist
68. edge the sidewalks
69. get wheels or legs for the living room bench
70. get 50 participants for the 5k in honor of my dad
71. give up caffeine
72. organize my mom's photos into acid-free albums
73. finish our wedding album
74. organize all the closets 
75. clean out the basement storage room
76. hang photos in master bedroom
77. find curtains for side windows in living room. 
78. be brave and meet 10 new people
79. organize lesson plans from this year
80. find a new vet for the pups
81. deal with the drainage issue in the backyard
82. plant mini-garden along front walkway
83. complete a book review for a free book

I'm still taking suggestions for things I could add! 

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