Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Living Room sneak peeks

Well, it really wasn't my intention to crank out the living room in a week.


I swear.

After buying the new couch, we put the red ouch, rug, curtains and artwork on Craigslist. The rug and curtain went immediately, I met up with a woman that afternoon to hand them off and collect payment. The couch took a couple more days, but a lovely lady named Tiffany is the new owner, she'll take the ouch home on Monday (She paid me 1/2 in cash and will give me the other half on Monday when she picks it up. They close on their house on Monday, so wanted to only move it once.)

Because we have hardwood floors, a rug was an immediate need, the echoing was driving me batty once the old rug was gone. So after my mom and I picked up the new couch, we ran to Target for two 4x6 rugs (the one we wanted didn't come in a bigger size) and a few other essentials.

BFF decided she wanted to paint again, and offered to come over on Monday and Wednesday of this week to get a decent start on the living room. So on Monday, BFF and I went to home depot, picked a paint color (after looking at several samples) and came home to "get a start on the painting, since it's so late". We started painting around 7:00. We trucked along, me cutting in the trim with my Purdy brand trim brush, and BFF rolling her way around the room.

At 9:00 we rolled up our drop cloths, and took a look around to see how much we'd accomplished. We jumped back in surprise as we realized we'd PAINTED THE ENTIRE ROOM. In less than two hours. three doorways, 3 windows, a tricky fireplace to get around and we finished the entire thing.

We're awesome.

Here's a sneak peek of the color:
Also, our new dining area lamp. The color is Newport Blue from Behr. 

In addition to the new couch, rugs and paint, we had a fairly immediate need for curtains as well. Feelin' a bit exposed in this here living room without curtains. So N and I hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond last night and found some nice ones. Hopefully, we'll be done with the big purchases for awhile and can sit back and let our wallets recover.

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