Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to me.

I did it. I bought a camera.

As posted here and here, (my last two birthday wish lists) I had been lusting over this camera from Canon.

Well, with my savings account (N and I each get $40 spending money every two weeks to do with as we please, I've been saving mine) and my birthday funds (thanks Mom!) I had enough to buy that camera.


Oh yes, except.

Little known fact, I use to believe myself a photographer. I actually chose my college based on the photography program in the art department (at the time, most photography programs were photojournalism). I worked at a local camera shop through high school, and I am still pretty loyal to it, so I knew when I bought my new camera, I'd want to buy it through them, because of the loyalty factor, but also because I could go into the store, play with the camera, talk to someone more knowledgeable about the camera than I, and I would also score 4 free class tickets.

National Camera is fairly well known, and their classes are taught by excellent photographers. So I hit their website, knowing I'd want to take advantage of the classes, to check their pricing on the camera and discovered that they don't carry it.

I nearly cried, I mean, I've researched this camera purchase. For TWO YEARS! But, I shopped around a bit and discovered that they had this camera, which is just a step up from the one I wanted.
Isn't she lovely? I think her name is Bernice, but I'm not entirely positive quite yet.

I stopped in at the Roseville NatCam local and played around a bit. After about 10 seconds, I knew I wanted her. I fiddled for awhile, but in the end, especially after playing with the 35X optical zoom, I snapped her up, headed home, and plugged in the battery for charging.

I haven't gotten to play with her yet, as I needed to charge the battery, I figured I'd come post about her while I waited.

Oh! I kid you not, I just glanced over and discovered that the charge light is green!

Off to play!

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